Wearing the Wrong Sunglasses Can Lead to Eye Damage

Everybody is very familiar with sunglasses as an addition to their fashionable accessories. Although, the ultimate task of a pair of sunglasses is the protection of your eyes, especially from the direct flash of the sunlight. UV or Ultraviolet irradiation directed from the sun may damage your eyes, due to many adverse effects it has. Extended and extreme sun exposure can cause many issues.  Many of  these issues require a optometrist kendall to help with them.

• Cataracts- Blurry eye-sight caused by a shading of the lens of eyes. Approximately 20 percent of the total reported cataracts are the result of prolonged exposure to UV rays.

• Macular degeneration- Injury of the retina destroying principle vision. In the US, this is one of the main reason behind total Blindness.

• Pterygium- an abnormal superficial growth of tissue on the white portion of the eye. It can cause alteration to the shape of the eyeball resulting in astigmatism.

• Cancer- skin cancers are significantly diagnosed on the eye-lids. There are also other forms of optical cancer which are caused by the irradiation of the sun.

Besides all these dangerous effects that are applied to everyone with more or less similar amount of risk, there are individuals who are more vulnerable and allergic to sun exposure. Such as individuals who have already undergone a cataract operation, those who are photosensitive due to any particular medicine, and, especially those who have lighter shades of eye color. Eyes with lighter shades are highly susceptible to skin cancer, optical allergy, and other kinds of specific optical diseases as they have the lesser amount of Melanin, the protective pigment that also makes eye color darker.

The optical damages caused by UV exposure is an accumulation phenomenon which occurs over several years of an individual’s life. So, the damages can be minimized by taking preventive measures to safeguard the eyes from everyday vulnerability from all sunlight conditions. The best step to protect the eyes from harmful rays of the sun is wearing sunglasses daily during daytime under all circumstances, to avoid the damages from building up.

While buying a pair of sunglasses, you should be looking for products that block both Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays, with labels that say either “UV400” or “100 percent UV Protection”. Choose a pair with a bigger lens so that it will cover more areas around the eyes, reducing the chance of exposure from movements.

So, by wearing sunglasses every day, you can maintain clear and acuminous eyesight while ensuring overall wellness of the eyes while looking stylish and trendy.