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Top 10 Things To Do to Lose Weight When You Can't Exercise

obese man with hand on his stomachRegulating your weight and the physical appearance is difficult for anyone but especially for those who have difficulty moving around. Because of our disability we dont move around as much as an abled bodied person we dont burn as much calories doing the activities of daily life as others. As a result we end up with that bulge right around the bottom of our stomach or some. Once we decide to get rid of that excess weight it becomes even more difficult because of the limited number of exercises we can do. For that reason it leaves most of us constantly searching for exercises and/or diets that will work.

So is all lost. No. Actually, the solution is surprisingly simple, and cost nothing but a little extra time and effort.

Just follow these 10 simple rules:

1. Eat 1200 calories a day. The average adult eats 2200 to 3000 calories per day, which according to most experts is way too much. When you drop your intake down significantly enough it causes your body to shed excess pounds. This is because in order to lose weight you must eat less calories than your body consumes. By eating 1200 healthy calories you can do this.

Nowadays, its not very difficult to monitor your calorie intake. All packaged
foods are now required to include this information on their packages. Simply
look at the Calories per serving, Serving size, and Servings per container to
calculate how much of that food you should consume. Everything unpackaged can
be found on the internet with a quick search (ex."calories for broccolli"). Be
sure to pay attention to the way the food is prepared because that changes the
calorie count. Remember, your body does not have an indwelling calorie counter,
so dont get bent out of shape if you go a little over.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are essential to
keeping you healthy and helping your body function correctly. Eating
them, along with whole grains and lean meats provides you with essential
vitamins and minerals, fiber and other substances that your body needs. Another
benefit to eating fruits and vegetables is since they are usually very low in
fat and calories you can eat more of them which will help you become full.
The more full you feel, the easier it will be to lose weight.

3. Eat smaller portions. Try to make your portions no bigger than your fist.
Because your stomach is about the size of your fist. This much food will be just
enough to make you stop being hungry. Eating more than your stomach's size
stretches your stomach and also makes it harder for you to feel full in the future.

Another benefit is that by doing this you give your digestive system the opporunity
to digest all the food you consume. If it doesn't have enough time to digest it
all the extra just sits there and turns into fat and you gain weight.

4. Eat at least 4 or 5 times a day. This will cause your metabolism to speed
up. Once the body has digested whats there it will be ready for more.

5. Dont be afraid to be a little naughty. Not eating when and what you want to
isn't easy and after a while it can become overwhelming and annoying. One of
the biggest reasons why diets fail is because people crave the naughty foods and
dont know when they will get to eat them again. So be realistic and plan for
those "naughty food" times. Just be sure to count your calories and monitor
your portion size. Also, take a quick look at the fast food restaurants website
for the calories contained in their items. This will help you choose wisely.

6. Exercise in any way you can. Many people think the only way to exercise is
by doing major exercises like running, following a complicated work out routine
or going to an expensive gym. The fact is, you exercise to burn calories so you
lose weight and the way you burn calories is by exerting energy. Your body exerts
energy everytime you move, so move. It doesn't matter if your moving an arm,
bending forward, or turning your head back and forth. Its all helping you burn

7. Take a good multivitamin daily. This ensures that you get all the important
vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements you may miss during the day.
These are necesary to keep your body healthy while you diet. If your body isn't
healthy, it can do what is necesary to make you lose weight.

8. Eat breakfast or at least drink some milk or juice within an hour of waking up.
Breakfast does exactly what it says. It breaks the fast that your body has
been on over night. Since you dont eat at night while you sleep, it causes your
metabolism to slow down. Eating something get your metabolism going again and
the earlier the better. This will also give you more energy to get through the

9. Dont forget to monitor the calories in your drinks. The calories in some
drinks especially softdrinks can be as much as a sandwich. So go online ahead
of time in order to get the general idea of how many calories some drinks have
that way you know which ones to stay away from. By the way, dont be fooled into
thinking a drink is low in calories just because its a fruit juice, tea, or lemonade.
The sugar added to these items can be so much that they can contain
just as much calories as a soda. High-calorie drinks are one of the number one
causes of weight gain.

10. Drink plenty of water. There are many benefits to drinking water when your
trying to lose weight. 1. Many people think they get hunger pains only when
they're hungry but they occur when your thirsty too. Drinking a glass of water
may be all that is needed. 2. Cells need water in order to metabolize food and
create energy. 3. Muscles need water to function properly. 4. The livers job
is to convert fat into energy. But sometimes the liver is forced to help out the
kidneys when they cant function as well because they dont have enough water.
Doing two jobs makes the liver less efficient at making energy and burning calories.
5. Your body behaves the same way when its deprived of water as it does when its
deprived of food, it holds what it has. It stores the reserve water in your ankles,
hips, thighs, and around your belly. But as soon as it sees its going to get a
regular supply of water, it gets rid of its reserves which means you lose that water
Before starting any weight loss programs please consult your physician. This article is meant inform and is not intended to suggest a cure for obesity. The owners of WhatDisability.com are not responsible for any results that may come from following these recommendations.
Written by:
Mykella Harley

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