Cochlear Implants Make it Possible for Many to Hear (Video)

cochlear implantA life without hearing includes learning sign language and to read lips, attending special schools and a severe disconnect from society. A fairly new technology, Cochlear Implants, has changed what it means to be deaf. The implants enable those who have Sensorineural hearing loss, hearing loss caused by abnormalities in the hair cells of the organ of Corti in the cochlea, to be able to understand sounds that were once faint.

They absorb sound waves like a hearing aid and transfers the waves into an electrical code. The code is translated by small-packets of electricity to contacts along the hearing nerve activating the nerve. The device is surgically implanted in a qualified recipient. After 1-4 weeks of healing the device is activated. This is followed by habilitation therapy to assist in adapting to hearing new sounds. Audiological training and speech therapy may also be necessary.

The video below shows an 8-month old baby who has a cochlear implant. Look at his excitement as he hears and understands sound for the first time.

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